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“Molly’s Game” Movie Review and Trailer

Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) was a world class free-style skier (moguls) when she fell and re-injured an old back injury. Her athletic career was over. Waiting to go to law school, Molly picked up a part-time job helping someone run a high-stakes poker game that included celebrities, CEO’s, and other high powered, high income players. Molly took to this very

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“Holiday in the Wild” Movie Review and Trailer

Kate (Kristin Davis) is a non-practicing veterinarian. She spent the last two decades, or so, putting her husband though college and helping him get a business started while also raising her son, Luke (John Owen Lowe). Well…..Luke is off to college and as soon as Luke closes the door….as a surprise, Kate tells her husband that she has booked a

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“No Postage Necessary” Movie Review and Trailer

Six years ago, Josie (Charleene Closshey), lost her husband and her life “ended”. Living with her dad, Jack (Raymond J. Barry), and raising a gifted daughter, Daisy (Michelle Moreno), she is struggling to do the right thing for her family. Sam is a convicted felon (for hacking). Now on probation and stealing mail to make a few bucks while working

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