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“Hello, My Name is Frank” Trailer

Got an email from Vision Films announcing the upcoming release of “Hello, My Name is Frank” on May 17, 2016. The movie depicts the story of 59 year old Frank […]

Movie Reviews: The Complete List

Carol loved going to the movies with us. We decided to honor her passion for movies by doing movie reviews on this site. Our philosophy is: “If we can go […]

“Contagion” Movie Review

(Frightening, Realistic, Scary as Hell) – – In 1975, Jaws, scared the shit out of everyone. Growing up on Long Island (Bay Shore), and living there in the aftermath of […]

“Captain America” Movie Review

“Captain America” Movie Review (Exciting, Engaging) Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America) is a skinny, small, sickly young man trying to enlist in the Army to help his country […]