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  • “The Lookout” Movie Review

    “The Lookout” Movie Review Joseph Gordon-Levitt (for those who remember the TV series “Third Rock From the Sun”, he was the long haired little kid) is one heck of a great actor.  Likewise, Jeff Daniels. In this movie he plays a brain damaged individual working at night at the local Bank. Hoodlums take advantage of […]

  • “Unknown” Movie Review

    “Unknown” Movie Review I was a bit hesitant to go see this movie, but, Lori wanted to go.  So I went. Sure glad I did. Liam Neeson is awesome. “Unknown” is awesome. After an accident, Martin Harris spends 4 days in the hospital.  Upon awakening, he realizes that his wife did not come to find […]

  • “Just Go With It” Movie Review

    “Just Go With It” Movie Review

    “Just Go With It” Movie Review If you like Adam Sandler movies….you will like “Just Go With It”. It has all the earmarks of a Sandler movie except a cameo by Rob Schneider (yes…I kept waiting).  Who else can turn an absurd story about selling sheep via the Internet into a heartrending (well….give me some slack […]

  • “Tangled” Movie Review

    “Tangled” Movie Review “Tangled” is definitely for kids.  BUT….if you are a kid (or like me, just want to be) you will love this movie. Lots of action, humor, sticky situations, betrayal, and unlikely heroes.  Oh yeah….and a horse that thinks it’s a dog.  Very funny.

  • “Scoop” Movie Review

    “Scoop” Movie Review With Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, and……sigh, Scarlet Johansson……how could you go wrong?  You can’t. In the 2006 “Scoop”,  journalism student Johansson is visited by a legendary reporter who happens to be dead (Ian McShane).  This reporter tells Scarlet that Hugh Jackman is the much sought after Tarot Card killer. With this scoop, […]

  • Benny Hill and the Wishing Well

    If you are OLD like me, you remember Benny Hill.  He was the best (well….along with Mr. Bean). Carol’s mom sent me this video this morning….ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS ! By the way, in my younger days I played the Sax…and “Yakkity Sax” too! – Drive Safe!  Never Forget

  • “Just Go With It” Movie Trailer

    Looking forward to this movie…it comes out Feb 11th.