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“Eat With Me” Movie Review

(Eat, Gay, Love) – – Uptight Emma (Sharon Omi) is in a loveless marriage. One night, her husband wakes from a deep sleep, runs to the bathroom and cuts off his wedding ring claiming it gave him a headache. Emma packs her bags and visits her estranged son, […]

“Welcome to Me” Movie Review

(Wacky, Weird, Quirky) – – Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) has won $86 million in the lottery. She has borderline personality disorder and, since she is now rich, she stopped taking her meds and said goodbye to her psychiatrist. Alice wants to host a TV talk show.  But this […]

“The Boxtrolls” Movie Review

(Intolerance Misplaced, Visually Stunning) – – “The Boxtrolls” live underground only venturing topside at night when the citizens of the city are sleeping. They pick garbage looking for treasures that can be made into gadgets, then, when the night is done, they gather in their underground lair, pile […]

“Nine Months” Movie Review

(Overacted but Funny, Robin Williams shines) – – Samuel (Hugh Grant) and Rebecca (Julianne Moore) have been dating for a long time.  Rebecca’s biological clock is ticking away, but, child psychologist Sam is oblivious to this new paradigm in this relationship. He still wants to play and be […]

“A Bag of Hammers” Movie Review

(Immature Thieves Grow Up) – – Ben (Jason Ritter) and Alan (Jake Sandvig) are car thieves. They masquerade as Valet parking attendants at various locations, particularly at graveyards where the mourning families willing give the duo their car keys. They have yet to get caught and bring the cars […]

“Before I Disappear” Movie Review

(Disturbing Depiction of Dysfunction) – – “Before I Disappear” opens with Richie (Shawn Christensen) in a bathtub filled with red water. The phone rings and he opens his eyes, surprised that he is still alive. Bloody, he reaches out of the tub and answers it. His sister, Maggie […]

“Backwards” Movie Review

(Sweet) – – Abi Brooks (played by Sarah Megan Thomas) is an Olympic level rower.  In the last Olympics she was an alternate. This four year period, she worked extra hard and did everything the coach asked of her.  Unfortunately, at nearly 30, she was once again the […]

“Safe Haven” Movie Review

(Surprising Ending) – – Julianne Hough (as Katie) flees Boston where she apparently stabbed a person to death. We don’t know who that person was, but, we do know she successfully eluded the police and ends up in a small North Carolina coastal town. There, she meets handsome […]

“Lars and the Real Girl” Movie Review

(Weird, Touching) – – Ryan Gosling (as Lars Lindstrom) is outstanding as a shy young man suffering from a very interesting delusion. Lacking a real girlfriend, and also lacking the social skills to find one, Lars (with the help of a friend) orders a lifesize, anatomically correct, doll […]