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  • Driving in the Google Self Driving Car

    Driving in the Google Self Driving Car

    Cool video showing how Google is advancing the state-of-the-art in self driving (autonomous) vehicle technology.  It is very complex, but, is on the fast track to availability within, I suspect, 10 years or so…. – – Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • About & Donate

    About & Donate

    About On Saturday Sept 18, 2010, four wonderful Tracy kids lost their lives in a senseless automobile accident. One was our lovely, intelligent friend, Carol Phan. In her honor, ForCarol.com was founded to help Tracy, CA residents by: 1. Providing a yearly $1,000 college scholarship to a Tracy High IB / Ag Sci scholar with a […]

  • “Safe Haven” Movie Review

    “Safe Haven” Movie Review

    (Surprising Ending) – – Julianne Hough (as Katie) flees Boston where she apparently stabbed a person to death. We don’t know who that person was, but, we do know she successfully eluded the police and ends up in a small North Carolina coastal town. There, she meets handsome widower Alex (played by Josh Duhamel) and […]

  • “Elysium” Movie Review

    “Elysium” Movie Review

    (Powerful, Gritty, Prophetic?) – – I read the book “Inferno” by Dan Brown earlier this year.  In that book, the researcher who sparks the worldwide search for his creation warns the world about the dangers of over population.  “Elysium” vividly shows how over population can drastically change human nature.  The few haves (the rich) live […]

  • “Monsters University” Movie Review

    “Monsters University” Movie Review

    (Monstrously Fun) – – In this prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc. hit movie, we join Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan, or Sulli, (John Goodman) as they attend Monsters University as potential Scare students. The only problem is…..Sulli is scary but  too cool to study, while Mike is studious but not scary. They both get […]

  • “Superman Man of Steel” Movie Review

    “Superman Man of Steel” Movie Review

    (Half Great, Half Not) – – The first half, or a little more, of this movie was fantastic.  The second half (maybe a little less) was overly complicated, the fight scenes were somewhat silly, and the movie dragged on for a very long time. A new Superman (Henry Cavill) escapes Krypton with the help of […]

  • “Star Trek Into Darkness” Movie Review

    (PERFECT) – – Dammit Jim, this is a perfect movie. The entire “new” cast has returned for this perfectly wonderful Star Trek.  Perfect story, perfect mix of characters, humor, terror, and action all moving at warp speed.  Tribbles and all. John Harrison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a super strong (and intelligent) terrorist.  He blows up […]

  • “Oblivion” Movie Review

    “Oblivion” Movie Review

    (Robust Intriguing Fantasy) – – Tom Cruise (as Jack) is left on what remains of Earth to fix drones that are protecting large water sucking machines that produce power for the remaining humans who have fled the now toxic Earth.   His partner, and communications officer, is Victoria (played by Andrea Riseborough). They are an […]

  • “Side Effects” Movie Review

    “Side Effects” Movie Review

    (Twisty Turny Tortured Tale) – – A recently married couple, Channing Tatum (as Martin Taylor) and Rooney Mara (as Emily Taylor), are forced to endure 4 years without each other as Martin is arrested for insider trading. “Side Effects” starts as Martin is released from jail and he and Emily start a new life together. […]