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Autonomous Vehicles / Cars

This past year, I have seen a dramatic increase in the development of autonomous cars. A number of companies (from Toyota to Mercedes Benz to GM to Google and more) are developing cars that can drive by themselves (to some degree). From our perspective (ForCarol.com): Maybe this is […]

“Red 2” Movie Review

(GREAT Movie) — — Most of the original cast is back for another rousing edition of Retired Extremely Dangerous ex-CIA killers. Red 2 is funny and thrilling….a perfect summer getaway movie. Frank (Bruce Willis) and his over eager girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) have settled into retirement. Frank is […]

“Fast & Furious 6” Movie Review

(Fast Furious Fun) – – Vin Diesel (as Dominic Toretto) personifies cool.  Paul Walker (as Brian O’Conner) is a changed man.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (as Hobbs) is ripped and pumped.  Michelle Rodriguez  (as Letty) and Gina Carano (as Riley) are tough as nails. The rest of the cast […]

“The Great Gatsby” Movie Reivew

(Glitzy, Extravagant, Dreamlike) – – 3D sucks.  It is DISTRACTING, ANNOYING and adds NOTHING  to the telling of the story other than making more money for greedy movie makers.  Beyond that it makes the movie jerky (it seems to lower the frame rate) and the glasses on top […]

“Iron Man 3” Movie Review

(I am Iron Man) – – The Mandarin (played by the remarkable Ben Kingsley) is a terrorist.  He uses genetically altered humans as explosive weapons (bombs) and is threatening millions, including the President of the United States. Happy Hogan (Tony Stark’s loyal bodyguard, played by Jon Favreau) is […]

“Olympus Has Fallen” Movie Review

(Blood, Bullets, Bravery) – – Caveat:  I read Thrillers and I write book reviews on those Thrillers.  This movie is dead on in my genre….a thrilling thriller that looks an awful lot like Vince Flynn’s “Transfer of Power” book.  But it is not…according to Vince himself.  FYI…I read […]

“The Croods” Movie Review

(The last cave family) – – “The Croods” are the last cave family.  The others were either bitten, eaten, or stomped to oblivion.  Survival is hard work, and as the father, Grug (voiced by our favorite, Nicolas Cage) says “Be afraid…”. New is dangerous, new is scary.  The […]