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  • “Silver Linings Playbook” Movie Review

    “Silver Linings Playbook” Movie Review

    Bradley Cooper (as Pat) has just spent 8 months in a local mental institution.  He comes home with the promise of attending therapy on a regular basis, but, he refuses to take his medication.  This refusal results in several very uncomfortable blow-ups which graphically show the trials and tribulations of living with mental illness.  Cooper […]

  • “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” Movie Review

     (Instant Classic) – – “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is a stupendous movie.  An instant classic that is visually spectacular and interesting enough that the 170 minutes felt like 30, it was over just as it was getting interesting.  🙂 Director Peter Jackson takes a few liberties with the book ostensibly to set up the “Lord […]

  • “Life of Pi” Movie Review

    “Life of Pi” Movie Review

    A teenager, Pi Patel (played as a teen by Suraj Sharma) leaves India on a cargo ship with his family and their zoo animals. A storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sinks the cargo ship killing everyone but Pi, a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger.  It is survival of the […]

  • “Wreck It Ralph” Movie Review

    “Wreck It Ralph” Movie Review

    (Fun) – – For 30 years, Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) played the bad guy.  Problem is, bad guys do not get a nice shiny medal or the adulation that the good guys get. Ralph decides he wants to be a good guy. After the arcade closes, Ralph heads off to other arcade games […]

  • Give a ForCarol.com Mug for Christmas

    Give a ForCarol.com Mug for Christmas

    A PERFECT  CHRISTMAS gift for someone you love.  Drive Safe!  Never Forget.   All money will go toward college scholarships for Tracy, CA scholars and for Classroom Supplies for Tracy, CA teachers.  MUGS arrive Dec 7, so I will deliver the next week!  I only have 9 8 left! Click to order on-line. — — — […]

  • “The Magic of Belle Isle” Movie Review

    (Wonderful) – – Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman) is a famous author who has lost his desire to write after losing his wife to cancer 6 years ago.  He travels to Belle Isle to spend the summer. Armed with enough alcohol to choke an elephant, he spends his days taking care of the house’s owners yellow […]

  • “Hotel Transylvania” Movie Review

    “Hotel Transylvania” Movie Review

    (Monstrously fun) – – After the death of his wife in a fire (started by humans) Dracula (Adam Sandler) opens the Hotel Transylvania to keep the evil humans away and keep his young 118 year old daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), safe. Throwing a party for Mavis’s 118th birthday the monsters gather at the hotel for the […]

  • “Here Comes The Boom” Movie Review

    “Here Comes The Boom” Movie Review

    (Funny, Inspirational) — — You may already know that Kevin James  is one of our favorite actors.  In “Here Comes The Boom” he plays Scott Voss a burnt out biology teacher who lets the kids do what they want in class while he comes in late and chases after Salma Hayek (the school nurse, Bella […]

  • Movie Reviews: The Complete List

    Movie Reviews: The Complete List

    Carol loved going to the movies with us. We decided to honor her passion for movies by doing movie reviews on this site. Our philosophy is: “If we can go to a movie and be taken away from reality for 2 hours…that was a good movie.” I stopped this list in 2016…..sooooo, this list is […]