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“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Movie Review

 (WAY better than the book) – – Where the book failed miserably, the movie succeeds beyond my wildest dreams. To think I almost did not want to go see it….what a mistake that would have been.  “Catching Fire” is a terrific movie providing the visuals and intensity that are almost completely lacking in the book.  Suzanne Collins is not J.K.

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“The Hunger Games” Movie Reivew

(Excellent, Brutal, Follows the Book) Rant:  For some reason, the Youtube video’s that are normally allowed to be “embedded” were not allowed for “The Hunger Games”.  I suspect popularity had something to do with this….For the record: I think all movies should be open for embedding. Go to Youtube to see this…. – – Note:  I copied this from my

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Book Review: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Originally posted on TracyReaderDad: Book Reviews:
Genre: YA Fantasy (kids killing kids) In what was once North America, the people of the Capitol of Panem, rule the 12 Districts of Panem (#13 was completely destroyed in a rebel uprising many years ago) with an iron fist. Starvation and fear are the norm. As a constant reminder of the control the Capital has over the…

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