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2020 Scholarship Winner Alexandra Manzo Writes About Her College Experience In A Pandemic

Alexandra Manzo is our 2020 Carol Phan Memorial College Scholarship recipient and this is Alexandra’s blog entry describing her (very unique) first semester experiences remotely attending Irvine Valley College. After the pandemic ceases, Alexandra will go back to her original plan of attending UC San Diego where she will major in Psychology. To read Alexandra’s winning Scholarship application submission….go here.  

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Claire Guite Graduates from Cal State Long Beach

Our 2015 Carol Phan College Scholarship winner, Claire Guite, graduated in May from Cal State Long Beach with a B.A in Fashion Design. Below, Claire writes about her college and work experiences. Go here to see Claire’s 2015 winning scholarship entry. 🙂 Enjoy! Hello everyone! I am here to give an update on my college experience, life in general, and

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Finding the 2019 Fireworks Booths in Tracy CA

Our Booth in 2013 Tracy, CA: Support our local charities this 4th of July Fireworks sales start June 28, 2019 at Noon and run until 9 PM on July 4, 2019 Become One Voice 2994 W. Grant Line Rd. (near Weinerschnitzel) GOOGLE MAP  UNEED2  1801 W. 11th Street (near Safeway on 11th) GOOGLE MAP Fix’d Inc. 2461 Naglee Rd. (Winco Shopping Center) GOOGLE MAP Gurudwara Sahib

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Movie Box Office Results May 17 – 19 2019

John Wick beats the Avengers! How cool is that? 🙂 The top ten movies for May 17 – 19, 2019 are listed below. Go to BoxOfficeMojo for more information. #1: John Wick 3, $57.02 million, Total so far: $57.02 million #2: Avengers: Endgame, $29.4 million, Total so far: $771 million #3: Pokemon Detective Pikachu, $24.8 million, Total so far: $94 million #4: A Dog’s Journey, $8.0 million, Total so far:

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“The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box”

A mysterious stranger, Charity (Michael Sheen), shows up at a fundraising function. He meets 17 year old, Mariah Mundi (Aneurin Barnard), and asks for Mariah to get his parents….he has something important to tell them. But, Charity is bleeding from a wound in his side and faints before the parents get there. Charity recovers a bit and tells the mother,

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