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  • “The Age of Adaline” Movie Review

    “The Age of Adaline” Movie Review

    (Accidental Arrested Aging) – – Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) was leading a perfectly normal life when a car accident started a string of unlikely events that stopped her from aging. From that moment on, Adaline would forever remain 28 years old. As the years rolled by, Adaline’s daughter, Flemming (Ellen Burstyn), became a senior citizen […]

  • “The Book Thief” Movie Review

    “The Book Thief” Movie Review

    (Death, Destruction, Depressing) – – You know you are in for a rough time when the opening credits and movie are narrated by Death himself. “No one lives forever…..”. Bummer….and I thought this was about books. I guess if you consider book burning by the Nazis, and book “borrowing” by our heroine, Liesel (Sophie Nelisse), […]

  • “Before Midnight” Movie Review

    “Before Midnight” Movie Review

    (Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah) – – “Is this over yet?”  “When is it going to end?”  Those were the conversation points while we were watching “Before Midnight”. “Before Midnight” is the third in a series of movies (we did not know this until the movie was already purchased on VUDU and halfway thru).  Start with […]

  • “Shooter” Movie Review

    “Shooter” Movie Review

    (Wahlberg Rocks) – – Since Mark Wahlberg is fast becoming one of our favorites, we decided to watch an older Walhberg movie last night on VUDU. “Shooter” is a terrific thriller definitely worth the rent. Wahlberg is an ex-Marine sniper extraordinaire.  His last combat action ended badly as he lost his best friend and realized […]

  • “V is for Vendetta” Movie Review

    “V is for Vendetta” Movie Review

    (Vicious, Violent, Visceral) – – V (played by Hugo Weaving) is stirring the political pot in a country that is ruled by an iron-fisted (totalitarian) government. V wants the people to wake up and question the government.  To do this, he has chosen violence. One night, after curfew, V saves Evey (played by Natalie Portman) […]

  • “Argo” Movie Review

    (Enthralling) – – As the American Embassy is being overrun in Iran, six embassy workers managed to escape out the back door.  They find refuge in the home of the Canadian Ambassador (played by Victor Garber) where they stay for over two months. CIA covert operative, Ben Affleck  (as Tony Mendez),  is responsible for rescuing these […]

  • “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” Movie Review

    (Excellent Coming of Age Movie) – – Teenage drinking, drugging, and then driving makes me cringe.  Arrrghh…. Beyond that, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is an excellent high school coming of age movie. Coming off a traumatic time both in middle school and personally) Charlie (played by Logan Lerman) starts high school alone.   […]

  • “The Magic of Belle Isle” Movie Review

    (Wonderful) – – Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman) is a famous author who has lost his desire to write after losing his wife to cancer 6 years ago.  He travels to Belle Isle to spend the summer. Armed with enough alcohol to choke an elephant, he spends his days taking care of the house’s owners yellow […]

  • “The Descendants” Movie Review

    (Outstanding,but, kinda depressing) – – Elizabeth King (Patricia Hastie) is involved in a boating accident and is in a coma.  Her husband, Matt (George Clooney), watches over her and decides he will be a better husband when she gets better. She never does. Matt is now the primary care-giver for his youngest daughter (a task […]