Technology 4 Classrooms


Exposure to Technology from the earliest grades helps students appreciate math, science, and technology.  Read our NEW technology category on “Autonomous Cars”.

As donations increase, or if we get a grant, we will spend money on technology and provide expertise in the classroom as needed in the Tracy Unified and Jefferson School Districts.

For example, Traina Elementary used to share 30 Chromebooks between several classes., Inc. would like to provide Chromebooks at Traina for EVERY student.

At Jefferson a few years ago, they had multiple laptops and LEGO robotics.  The students wrote the programs to control the robots.  Very cool. can donate robotic instruction technology to schools.

Harder for the schools, but, my expertise is providing videoconferencing technology to the classroom. Imagine connecting to a remote expert to teach a class on Math, Science or…..

Imagine providing a home bound child the ability to remotely attend class with a robotic videoconferencing system?  It can be done. can help.

In addition to donating technology,, Inc. can provide in classroom instruction on using that technology to teachers, administrators, and students as needed to supplement the districts technology department.

As a substitute teacher in both TUSD and Jefferson and a Project IMPACT Intern-ready teacher with an MS in Electrical Engineering…..Mike looks forward to “technology” time in the classroom.


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