Teens I Need Your Help

0. Thanks Ryan Ng…we now have pictures of all the kids on the Memorial page.  You rock, Ryan!

1. Thanks!!!! Travis Nunez !!! See the car decal popping up all over this site.

2. I need a great slogan.  Not sure if:  “Say NO to Speeding” is good.  So send me an email with your suggestions…I’ll list them below and when (if) we get a few, we can VOTE (and in our world….you don’t even need to be 18 to vote!)  Thanks, Linda!  keep them coming….then we will vote after all the pain starts to subside a bit.

3. After the great slogan….guess what….we need a great logo (although the item in #1 may do the trick).  Got the logo thanks to Travis!!!

4. I’ll need teens to write blog entries about your feelings, your wishes, how you have changed due to recent events, etc etc.  Send them to my email on the Contact page.  Don’t be afraid…pour your heart out and help me (remember I’m old…I need young hearts to help) in the future so we can stop this from ever happening again (at least we can try…if we save just one person we will have made a difference).

5. Hmmm, I’ll think of something, or you let me know what else to put here…

Be involved, be interactive, lets not lose any more friends….




  1. Slogans:
    Life isn’t a race, so don’t speed to your death

    Speeding: over the limit, under the ground

    Increase your life span, slow down.

    Take heed, don’t speed

    S.low down
    E.very time it

    **and I think the fact that car accidents are the number one cause of teenage deaths should be incorporated somewhere.

  2. Speeding slogans

    Stop Speeding…Before you stop lives

    Slow down and save a life.

    Kill your Speed before you kill a Child.

    Speed…………The Thrill that Kills

    Speed thrills, but kills.

    speeding doesnt shorten your travel time, sometimes it shortens you for life (time);

  3. Speeding; it will slow you down!

    Email me and I can give you the contacts for the drawing and information about what fundraising they plan on doing with the drawing. I can give you my contact # also.

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