Tell Us How You Feel

Enter comments.  Beware that I, unlike the Tracy Press, will delete the intentionally hurtful comments…so don’t even bother.  Legitimate questions / concerns / comments / fears / thoughts are ok.

Note to future viewers, or those out of town, this comment thread pertains to the Sept 18, 2010, Tracy, CA deaths of Carol Phan, Chris Hoovler, Kassy and Bobby Bittick.  The accident occurred on W. Shulte about 1/2 mile east of the glass factory…in the canal.

If there is a need in other times of crises…their comments will be kept here as well.  Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



  1. It doesn’t seem like Chris had very many active friends. Do what you want… You were more of Carols friend so it’s understandable to help out her family, I’m glad to see you are 🙂 … It was just something I noticed within myself. Bobbys friends go every night for hours at the accident scene. I spoke to them again on Friday for a good few hours as me and my sister were there putting a dozen fresh white roses on each cross and lighting new candles… I just noticed I haven’t heard much about Chris, But I did find out that Chris’ father works with my best friends mom… And thats about all I know, Because of this tragedy I learned the existence of four great people but I didn’t learn as much about Chris as I did everyone else.

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