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  • “Soul” Movie Review

    “Soul” Movie Review

    Joe (Jamie Foxx) is a middle school music teacher with dreams of becoming a full-time jazz musician. He is, after all, a very good musician….just not spectacular. One day, an old student of his who is now a musician, Curley (Questlove), hooks Joe up with a famous jazz saxophonist, Dorothea (Angela Bassett), and lo-and-behold, Joe […]

  • “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” Movie Review and Trailer

    “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” Movie Review and Trailer

    This, Andy Serkis directed version of the jungle book, was scheduled to arrive in theaters at the very same time as Jon Favreau’s live action version of Disney’s “The Jungle Book”. “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” was pushed back a year, but, ultimately ended up on Netflix. Life is tough in the jungle…..and in Hollywood. […]

  • “Despicable Me 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    “Despicable Me 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    Gru (Steve Carell) is an ex-supervillian and now, super-dad, to his three daughters: Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes (Elsie Fisher), and Edith (Dana Gaier). He, his minions, and evil techy dude, Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), now make jelly in the high tech basement of his home, but…..unfortunately……Nefario is bored and tells Gru he has another job […]

  • “Despicable Me” Movie Review and Trailer

    “Despicable Me” Movie Review and Trailer

    Gru (Steve Carell) is a villian. He thinks he is the best villian in the world, but, well….he is not. Gru does have a mean streak and a bunch of little yellow friends, Minions, to help him do his dirty work, but, his successes at stealing famous items falls far short of his dreams and […]

  • “The Addams Family” Movie Review and Trailer

    “The Addams Family” Movie Review and Trailer

    In this version of “The Addams Family” we find Gomez (Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (Charlize Theron) getting married then thrown out of town by the monster haters. Tired of always moving, the newlyweds decide to find a house that is far away from anyone, especially the haters. Someplace where no one wants to go….. They […]

  • “Moana” Movie Review and Trailer

    “Moana” Movie Review and Trailer

    1000 years ago the demigod, Maui (The Rock), stole the heart of Te Fiti and cursed the lands. The curse has finally reached the Island where Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) was born and will one day rule. But I get ahead of myself…… Growing up, Moana finds herself being called to the sea. She wants to […]

  • “The Secret Life of Pets 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    “The Secret Life of Pets 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    Fun Movie to Stream while waiting for the world to settle down. This one is on Amazon Prime, I think. 🙂 Max (Patton Oswalt) and Duke (Eric Stonestreet) are happily living their life with Katie (Ellie Kemper) glad that they are not bothered by kids! On the way home from the park…..Max and Duke’s lives […]

  • Disney+ “Big Hero 6” Movie Review and Trailer

    Disney+ “Big Hero 6” Movie Review and Trailer

    13 year old Hiro (Ryan Potter) is one of the best and smartest robot designers and one of the best at winning bot wars competitions. His older brother, Tadashi (Daniel Henney), attends the local “Nerd” University (in San Franokyo) with nerd colleagues: Fred (TJ Miller), Go Go (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayan Jr), and Honey […]

  • “Frozen 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    “Frozen 2” Movie Review and Trailer

    Now streaming on Disney+ Years have passed and Arendelle is thriving under Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel). Remembering a story of an enchanted forest to the North told to them by their father, Elsa starts hearing a siren’s song compelling her to travel North. After the town of Arendelle is “attacked” by water, wind, and an […]