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  • “The Man from Toronto” Movie Review

    “The Man from Toronto” Movie Review

    The Man from Toronto (Woody Harrelson) is an assassin for hire. His reputation is such that the instant he shows up to make the bad guys talk, they quake in fear of being fileted like a fish…..alive…..and generally talk their heads off…..then…..their heads get blown off. Teddy (Kevin Hart) is a loser. Eveything he tries […]

  • “The Batman” Movie Review

    “The Batman” Movie Review

    Someone has taken it upon themselves to eliminate politicians that lie and cheat (a full-time, lifetime, job…like the Supreme Court!)…..starting with the Mayor of Gotham. As Batman, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), is fully involved in the investigations because of his friend and controller of the Bat light, Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). As the investigation […]

  • “Death on the Nile” Movie Review

    “Death on the Nile” Movie Review

    World War I, 1914 We meet a young Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) saving lives in battle only to wind up injured (thus the mustache in later life). We also meet the love of his life. 1937 At a nightclub while Poirot is enjoying the live music and a drink, he observes Jacqueline de Bellefort (Emma […]

  • “The Marksman” Movie Review

    “The Marksman” Movie Review

    Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson) is about to lose his house and land on the Mexican border. A widower, Jim is a former Marine sniper who keeps himself busy by keeping his border patrol agent step-daughter, Sarah (Katheryn Winnick), informed about illegal border crossings on his property. Driving the fence (a not so big not so […]

  • “The 355” Movie Review

    “The 355” Movie Review

    A Columbian cartel has figured out that money can be made with technology. A new technology they have for sale can take down an airplane, nuclear plant, or virtually anything else that relies on electronics and electronic security. Bad news for the world! But…..good news for the assholes who have this technology as they can […]

  • “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” Movie Review

    “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” Movie Review

    Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom are back! Eddie is failing miserably at his job, but, has a chance to revive his winning ways by interviewing serial killer, Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), on death row. The interview goes well and on their way out of prison, Venom, spots drawings in a room (made by Cletus) […]

  • “F9: The Fast Saga” Movie Review

    “F9: The Fast Saga” Movie Review

    Roman (Tyrese Gibson) said it best when he wonders how they can have adventures and close calls that are impossible and 1. Survive and 2. Come out without a scratch. He thinks they must be super-human…….Tej (Ludacris) just thinks they are lucky and Roman is stupid. So funny. Yes….the movie is ludicrous to the extreme […]

  • “Don’t Look Up” Movie Review

    “Don’t Look Up” Movie Review

    Astronomy graduate student and Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State, Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), was looking at the stars for her own research when she spotted a comet! Checking the trajectory, she decided to call Professor Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) in to take a look and verify her findings. Sure enough, a very large comet….over 6 […]

  • “No Time to Die” Movie Review

    “No Time to Die” Movie Review

    James Bond (007) is getting ready to retire to a tropical paradise. But before he does, he has one last adventure, and that is to help an old friend, CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), track down the bad guy who stole an advanced biological weapon that has the potential to wipe out humanity. That […]