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“The Last Laugh” Movie Review

50 years ago, up-and-coming comic, Buddy Green (Richard Dreyfus), was about to go on the Ed Sullivan show. He and his manager, Al Hart (Chevy Chase), expected both their careers to zoom into the stratosphere after people saw Buddy on Ed Sullivan. Well…just before the show (or shoe….you gotta be old to understand that one), Buddy quit the business…..and became

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“Fisherman’s Friends” Movie Review

Four high flying yuppies from London take a holiday in a small Cornish town and promptly make fools of themselves only to be saved by local fishermen turned rescuers. That night, looking for some action (like how stupid are they?) in this very small town, they happen upon the weekly concert held by 10 fishermen. These 10 fishermen sing sea

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“Bend It Like Beckham” Movie Review

Jess (Parminder Nagra) loves to play “football” (soccer) in the park with her friends, and she is REALLY good, in fact…..she is better than any of the guys she plays against, and is getting better. Jules (Keira Knightly) plays on a women’s football team and one day happens to see Jess kicking some soccer ass in the park. Jules asks

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“I Care A Lot” Movie Review

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) and her partner (in more ways than one) Fran (Eiza Gonzalez) have built a mini-empire by caring for the elderly. As guardians of those who can no longer care for themselves, Marla and Fran, take over their lives, sell their houses, and pocket their money….all “legally” as court appointed caretakers. One of the Doctors they have

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