Category: Movie Reviews

“The Girl on the Train” Movie Review and Trailer

Rachel rides the train past her old neighborhood, and ex husbands house when she……


“Home Again” Movie Review and Trailer

40 year old separated woman with kids finds romance, tech support, and a mentor for her daughter.

“Night School” Movie Review

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in a terrible but very funny movie with a nice message.

“Adventures in Public School” Movie Review and Trailer

Home-schooled all his life teen, Liam, goes to a public high school for a few months and learns about life.

“Toast” Movie Review and Trailer

A true story based on the life of food writer and chef Nigel Slater. As a boy, Nigel (Oscar Kennedy), was not allowed to eat […]

“All at Once” Movie Review and Trailer

Family man who gave up art to raise his friends kids finds true love.

“The Vanishing of Sidney Hall” Movie Review and Trailer

Sidney Hall (Logan Lerman) is a brilliant writer. As early as 5th grade, his teachers realized his potential even though they did not always agree […]