On Saturday Sept 18, 2010, 4 wonderful Tracy kids lost their lives in a senseless automobile accident.

One was our lovely, intelligent friend, Carol Phan.

In her honor, ForCarol.com was founded to help Tracy, CA residents by:

1. Providing a yearly $1,500 college scholarship to a Tracy High IB / Ag Sci scholar with a 3.5 GPA or above and has been accepted to a 4 year college or university. See the Scholarship winners over there———>

2. Donating to Tracy, CA teachers in Carol’s memory: Including books, classroom supplies, STEM / STEAM stuff, and other supplies (mini-whiteboards, computers, etc) as needed. 

3. NEW Encouraging literacy in Tracy, CA by dropping books off around town for people to pick up and read. (Books courtesy of TracyReaderDad.com )

4. Helping to raise awareness of unsafe teen driving.

5. Helping to raise awareness of the need for parents to enforce curfews.

This site is dedicated to stopping teen speeding, or other unsafe practices when getting behind the wheel (which can be a LETHAL weapon, as we have just found out).  What else?  Texting, drinking we all know, turning around to talk with the folks in the back seat, not wearing your seat belts, sex while driving….more?

Update 5 months later:  I want this site to be fun.  Fun to read, fun to watch movie trailers and get movie reviews. Carol loved going to the movies with us then to Barnes & Noble after the movies.

Kristen, Carol at Barnes & Noble (8th grade)

I will include all sorts of topics, but, will try to keep it lite and happy.  BUT the message will always be there:  Drive Safe!  Never Forget.  Maybe the subliminal message will sink in better than the in-your-face message that teens rebel against.  Oh yeah…parents YOU need to ENFORCE curfews.


Remember this:  Would you rather fight with your teen….or bury them?

Join the effort…help us raise awareness and possibly develop technology (see our Autonomous Cars category) to allow the car to stop teens from speeding, or, at least, alert authorities to a crash……(actually some pretty cool technological challenges there….any one of you up to a good challenge?), encourage parents to remain engaged and setting rules (sorry kids…we gotta do it) past age 20 (or in my daughters case 35….but don’t tell her).

A 501c3 nonprofit: 45-1499304

We love you Carol…

sept 23 2013 2

Taking Carol to U.C. Davis

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

Scholarship Winners

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