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  • Movie Review: “Do Revenge”

    Movie Review: “Do Revenge”

    Drea (Camila Mendes) has cultivated the perfect life: Perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, and the perfect plan to attend Yale then Harvard Med School. Until the sex video she sent to her boyfriend, Max (Austin Adbrams), went viral. Max denies posting it, but, Drea knows better. Drea then meets Eleanor (Maya Hawke) who, like Drea, has […]

  • Movie Review: “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar”

    Movie Review: “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar”

    Barb (Annie Mumolo) and Star (Kristen Wiig) have lived their whole lives in a small midwestern town. They have not even seen the ocean! They are also single and in their late 40’s (Barb’s husband passed away and Star’s just left her), and afraid that they are just fading away in life. One day, while […]

  • Movie Review: “Modern Persuasion”

    Movie Review: “Modern Persuasion”

    Wren Cosgrove (Alicia Witt) works for a company that is struggling and has instituted austerity measures. Luckily the company is about to meet with a potential client who has the resources to keep Wren’s company in business for at least another year. As the meeting is about to begin, Wren finds out that the client […]

  • Movie Review: “Waffle Street”

    Movie Review: “Waffle Street”

    Financial wizard, James Adams (James Lafferty), just landed the biggest deal in company history. A bit shady, but, not illegal….just like the company likes and encourages. He knew he would make partner. He got fired. Luckily, his wife, Becky (Julie Gonzalo) is a nurse and makes enough, supplemented by their savings, to keep them afloat […]

  • “Bliss” Movie Review

    “Bliss” Movie Review

    Greg Wittle (Owen Wilson) is struggling at work. He is recently divorced and estranged from his daughter and son. His life is unraveling. Greg spends his hours at work making intricate drawings of a fantastical location, with beautiful buildings and scenery, and one beautiful woman. He says these are his thoughts and he can’t seem […]

  • “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    Warning: If you are easily offended….do NOT read this review! On her deathbed, Grandma (June Squibb) decides she has nothing to lose by being honest with her family. She tells her son that he has a different father than his sister and tells her daughter that she kept her locked up because she was a […]

  • Movie Review: “Please Stand By”

    Movie Review: “Please Stand By”

    Wendy (Dakota Fanning) is a Star Trek nerd (she even speaks Klingon) working on a Star Trek script for an upcoming contest. The scripts are due at Paramount Pictures Feb 16th, but, Wendy does not have time to mail it, so she decides to take it there and deliver it in person. There is only […]

  • “Malcolm & Marie” Official Trailer

    “Malcolm & Marie” Official Trailer

    Now streaming on Netflix, I’m not really sure what “Malcolm & Marie” is about, but, it looks like Zendaya and John David Washington are having a tough evening….or not? I’ll never know, since I have no plans to watch it. Where is Denzel when you need him? Or Peter Parker for that matter. 😉 Drive […]

  • “Wine Country” Movie Review

    “Wine Country” Movie Review

    Celebrating Rebecca’s (Rachel Dratch) 50th birthday, 6 long time friends visit Napa Valley for a girls-only weekend. Unknown to the others, her marriage is falling apart. Abby (Amy Poehler) organized the trip and developed a brochure of activities detailed down to the minute. Unknown to the others, Abby has recently lost her job. Naomi (Maya […]