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  • Movie Review: “The People We Hate at the Wedding”

    Movie Review: “The People We Hate at the Wedding”

    When she was young and living in London, Donna (Allison Janney), married a handsome French gentleman, Henrique (Isaach De Bankole). They had a child, Eloise (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), but, alas…..all was not to be as Henrique became more interested in 25 year old women! Donna moved on to a more stable man in the United States. […]

  • Movie Review: “Strange World”

    Movie Review: “Strange World”

    The Clade family, in particular, Jaeger (Dennis Quaid) and his son Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal), are famous in the land of Avalonia as great explorers. Avalonia is surrounded by impenetrable mountains, and the people of Avalonia think that there is a better world beyond those mountains. But no one has been able to reach the other […]

  • Movie Review: “Bros”

    Movie Review: “Bros”

    Bobby (Billy Eichner) is a very passionate podcaster dealing with LGBTQ issues and history. Bobby is single at 40 years old and proud of that. Well, kinda. He was recently named director of the upcoming LGBTQ History Museum in New York City….a wonderful achievement, and the perfect person for the job considering the passion Bobby […]

  • Movie Review: “Better Nate Than Ever”

    Movie Review: “Better Nate Than Ever”

    Nate (Rueby Wood) has a dream: To be a huge Broadway star! Unfortunately, he has to survive 7th grade (where he is bullied) first, and it would be nice if he could land a part in the school play. Well…..he lands the part: That of a tree. Nate supposes that his career is ending at […]

  • Movie Review: “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore”

    Movie Review: “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore”

    Lori purchased all three Fantastic Beasts movies from VUDU and we spent the last three Saturdays watching and re-watching. It has been magical! The wizarding world is about to select a new leader. Two of the candidates are intelligent, kind, and competent. The third candidate is…..well…….Grindelwald (now played by Mads Mikkelsen). Grindelwald is a horrible […]

  • “Petunia” Movie Review

    “Petunia” Movie Review

    The Petunia’s are one highly dysfunctional family. Mom, Felicia (Christine Lahti), is a severely fucked up Psychologist. Dad, Percy (David Rasche), is the same. They have been married too long and, now that the kids are out of the house and they can actually enjoy life, decide they want a divorce. Insecure middle child Michael […]

  • “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    Warning: If you are easily offended….do NOT read this review! On her deathbed, Grandma (June Squibb) decides she has nothing to lose by being honest with her family. She tells her son that he has a different father than his sister and tells her daughter that she kept her locked up because she was a […]

  • “The Prom” Movie Review

    “The Prom” Movie Review

    High School senior, Emma Nolan (Jo Ellen Pellman) lives in a small town in Indiana and is gay. With the Prom upcoming, Emma is planning to bring her girlfriend, Alyssa (Ariana DeBose), to the prom (where Alyssa will come out), but, the PTA nixes that idea with the fervent help of Mrs. Green (Kerry Washington). […]

  • “Uncle Frank” Movie Review

    “Uncle Frank” Movie Review

    Beth (Sophia Lillis) loved it when her Uncle Frank (Paul Bettany) came home from New York City (where he is a college professor) to visit the family in South Carolina. Beth felt most comfortable with his intelligence, personality, and views on life, and, in fact, he gave her the best advice on life, and we […]