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“Captain Marvel” Official Trailer

“Captain Marvel” first official trailer landed this week.


“The Nun” Movie Trailer

“The Nun” will be in theaters September 7, 2018. Scary!

“Kin” Movie Trailer

“Kin” looks like an interesting sci-fi thriller. It will land in theaters August 31, 2018. BUT….can it beat “Crazy Rich Asians”?  We will see. 🙂 […]

“Crazy Rich Asians” Movie Trailer

“Crazy Rich Asians” will be in theaters next Weds, August 15, 2018. Looks like a fun rom-com. Drive Safe! Never Forget.

“Christopher Robin” Movie Trailer

“Christopher Robin” will bounce into theaters August 3, 2018. We already have our tickets, oh, bother.  🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget.

“Mission Impossible: Fallout” Movie Trailer

“Mission Impossible: Fallout” will be jumping, running, falling, crashing, flying, driving, into theaters this weekend.  Tom’s time as a stuntman is coming to a close….it […]

“Mama Mia! Here We Go Again” Movie Trailer

“Mama Mia! Here We Go Again” will be in theaters July 20, 2018.  Can it topple Dracula and Family? Drive Safe! Never Forget