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STEM / STEAM: Google Career Certificates

Go here to learn more about Google Career Certificates for technically inclined folks who may not have, or do not plan to get, a college degree. Study to be a Data Analyst, Project Manager, UX Designer (User Interface), and IT Support Specialist. Truthfully, I have been enjoying learning Javascript programming using Grasshopper. Being a retired engineer, I have no need to rush or

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STEM / STEAM: Everything You Need to Know About Viruses

Here is a cool STEM / STEAM video by “Domain of Science” introducing viruses…..including the coronavirus. Very cool for all who want to be a medical researcher, biologist, biomedical engineer, doctor, etc after majoring in science / technology in college. Here are more cool Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math stuff on this blog: Drive Safe! Never Forget. Geek on!

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STEM /STEAM: Historic Launch into Space by SpaceX and NASA

OK…..I’m old enough….. I followed the original 7….I saw the first launch of a man into space…..I watched the moon landing (as a summer student at Lowell Tech)……I watched the first tests of the Space Shuttle (working at Sears and attending SUNY at Stony Brook for my BS in Electrical Engineering)……I watched the Space Shuttle explosion (while designing the Remote

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