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A lasting legacy to our lovely, talented, intelligent daughter and friend. We love you Carol.

The Carol Phan Memorial College Scholarship is not an ordinary scholarship given by some corporation.

We loved Carol, and Carol’s mom gives the money every year for this scholarship.

As such, your application must show the judges (and us) your passion and creativity at a level of effort that communicates to us that you will value being awarded this scholarship.

We don’t award the scholarship then forget about you. You become part of the “scholarship family” and we stay in touch during college and long after graduation……as such, we hope that you will blog twice in four years: Once to let future college students know about your first semester experiences, and lastly after graduation.

Scholarship Amount and Graduating Winners:

We award one $1,500 Carol Phan College Scholarship per year to a deserving Tracy High IB/Ag Sci student.

Below is an example of a winning submission:

Click this link to view Inyoung Hong’s (our 2014 Scholarship winner) fabulous computer program where she explains her passion. (Note: Inyoung, who now works at Youtube, updated this link for us on April 26 2022).

Scholarship Submission:


What is your Passion?

To Submit an Application:

You must have a total weighted 3.5 GPA, or above, and have been accepted, or applied, to a 4 year college or university.

The judging is based on:

–> Effort / Quality of your submission

–> Creativity of your submission

–> Does your Passion show in your submission?

Here are links to some winning submissions:

Think outside the box, be creative, go wild…..make a video or a short movie, draw your passion (see Amy’s winning submission), sing your poem (See Yash’s winning submission), show us the solution to a sticky math problem, design some cool software (see Inyoung’s program), write a funny resume (see Nathan’s winning submission), write fiction (see Michelle’s winning entry)… short……use your imagination!

If you are going to write an essay, be sure to include pictures, diagrams, drawings, or even a video (the judges see your entry online) to add to the creative / informational / passionate impact of your essay.


Click here for the 2023 Tracy High IB / Ag Sci Scholarship Application

Submission Deadline: April 7, 2023 before 3:30 PM (Late submissions will not be accepted)

Go here to see all of our Scholarship Recipients, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charity awarding college scholarships to local scholars and providing classroom supplies to local teachers.  All donations to, Inc are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

How We Spend The Donation Money:

  1. $1,500 goes to a graduating Tracy High IB or Ag Sci student in May
  2. Left over money from donations goes to TUSD / Jefferson teachers for classroom supplies, STEM / STEAM enrichment, and literacy.

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News & Information:

The Fireworks booth in 2013.

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Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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