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  • “The Bachelors” Movie Review

    “The Bachelors” Movie Review

    Bill (J.K. Simmons) and Wes Palet (Josh Wiggins) lost their wife and mom a little over a year ago. Bill, who was married to Jeanie (Kimberly Crandall) for 33 years is depressed and is not getting any better. BUT, he is functioning and decides that a change of scenery will do them both good. Soooooo, […]

  • “Go Back to China” Movie Review

    “Go Back to China” Movie Review

    Shasha Li (Ana Akana) graduated from fashion school over a year ago and, although she has been diligently looking for a job, she has not found one because she has no work experience. Typical catch-22 of a person new to the job market. Nevertheless, Shasha keeps trying to find a job, then spends her nights […]

  • “Ana” Movie Review

    “Ana” Movie Review

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was devastated, but the people were resilient and are making a comeback. Rafa (Andy Garcia) is a used car lot owner who is down on his luck at the moment, thanks to Maria but, mostly, his gambling addiction. While filming himself for a commercial, Rafa sees a […]

  • “The Tender Bar” Movie Review

    “The Tender Bar” Movie Review

    This movie is a true story based on the memoir written by Author JR Moehringer. Young JR and his mother (Lily Rabe) have hit a rough patch and need to move back into Grandpa’s (Christopher Lloyd) house. Mom feels like this makes her a loser, but, JR loves his Grandpa and all the relatives that […]

  • “We Broke Up” Official Trailer

    “We Broke Up” Official Trailer

    Coming April 23, 2021 to theaters (?) or maybe a streaming app, “We Broke Up” is about a couple that breaks up just before her sister’s wedding, but, decide to tough it out for the weekend so as not to ruin the wedding. Aw….how nice. Maybe!? 🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget. More indie movies….

  • “Abe” Movie Review

    “Abe” Movie Review

    Avraham, Ibrahim, Abe (Noah Schnapp) lives in Brooklyn, is 12 years old, loves to cook, and his life is very very confusing as his parents Rebecca (Dagmara Dominczyk) and Amir (Arian Moayed) are Jewish and Palestinian Muslims. Yikes! Rebecca and Amir would have a handle on the cultural situation if it were not for the […]

  • “Fisherman’s Friends” Movie Review

    “Fisherman’s Friends” Movie Review

    Four high flying yuppies from London take a holiday in a small Cornish town and promptly make fools of themselves only to be saved by local fishermen turned rescuers. That night, looking for some action (like how stupid are they?) in this very small town, they happen upon the weekly concert held by 10 fishermen. […]

  • “8 Slices” Movie Review

    “8 Slices” Movie Review

    Sometimes you find a low budget gem! “8 Slices” is a gem. I will relate a real story to explain how the boss of “8 Slices” treats his employees, and yes, there are real people out there like this guy. Joe Park was the manager of shipping and receiving at Sears in Bay Shore, NY […]

  • “A Bird of the Air” Movie Review and Trailer

    “A Bird of the Air” Movie Review and Trailer

    Lyman (Jackson Hurst) works the overnight shift with the highway department. He is very quiet, and speaks only when spoken to, and then only a word or two at a time. His work finds him helping all sorts of people who are stuck or had an accident. His job is very rewarding, but also very […]