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  • “Senior Year” Movie Review

    “Senior Year” Movie Review

    One day away from attending her senior prom (and hopefully being elected Prom Queen), young Stephanie (Angourie Rice) falls to the ground during a cheer and….. 20 years later 37 year old Stephanie (Rebel Wilson) wakes up in the hospital where she has been in a coma! Yikes! Problem is…..Stephanie’s mind is still 17 years […]

  • “Pitch Perfect 3” Movie Review

    “Pitch Perfect 3” Movie Review

    The Bellas have now graduated from college (except of course for Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) and are working at their, less than wonderful, jobs. Speaking of less than wonderful jobs….Beca (Anna Kendrick) finally got up the nerve to quit her terrible music producing gig and now has time to spare. With all the old Bella’s gathering […]

  • “Pitch Perfect 2” Movie Review

    “Pitch Perfect 2” Movie Review

    The Bellas are now the champs and are singing for a huge audience at the Kennedy Center….including President Obama (remember this takes place in 2015). Part of the show is to have Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) hanging in the air while singing and doing acrobatic stunts. Well…….Fat Amy has a clothing malfunction and….hmmmm…..flashes her down-under […]

  • “The 355” Movie Review

    “The 355” Movie Review

    A Columbian cartel has figured out that money can be made with technology. A new technology they have for sale can take down an airplane, nuclear plant, or virtually anything else that relies on electronics and electronic security. Bad news for the world! But…..good news for the assholes who have this technology as they can […]

  • “Marry Me” Movie Review

    “Marry Me” Movie Review

    Famous singers, Kat (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma), are planning to get married at one of their concerts…..and live stream the event around the world! The night of the Kat & Bastian concert, high school math teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) decides to take the extra ticket and goes to the concert with his daughter, Lou […]

  • “Tall Girl 2” Movie Review

    “Tall Girl 2” Movie Review

    After the events in “Tall Girl”, Jodi Kreyman (Ava Michelle) and Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck) are now a couple! Jodi has come out of her shell (more or less) with the help of Jack and a few other friends and family: Sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter), Fareeda Marks (Anjelika Washington) and, yes, even her former enemy, […]

  • “Eternals” Movie Review

    “Eternals” Movie Review

    Celestial Arishem (David Kaye) has been working towards the birth of a Celestial on Earth for millions of years. To encourage human population growth (Celestial births require the energy from billions of people), Arishem built, and programmed, “Deviants” to rid Earth of the nasty animals that kept human population growth under control. But… is normal […]

  • “Encanto” Movie Review

    “Encanto” Movie Review

    Many years ago, the Madrigal family had to flee their home as an enemy approached. The father gave his life to save his wife and three children, but, in the process a magical candle appeared that not only protected the family, but, also built a wonderful, magical home, protecting it with surrounding mountains and blessed […]

  • “Petunia” Movie Review

    “Petunia” Movie Review

    The Petunia’s are one highly dysfunctional family. Mom, Felicia (Christine Lahti), is a severely fucked up Psychologist. Dad, Percy (David Rasche), is the same. They have been married too long and, now that the kids are out of the house and they can actually enjoy life, decide they want a divorce. Insecure middle child Michael […]