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“Fisherman’s Friends” Movie Review

Four high flying yuppies from London take a holiday in a small Cornish town and promptly make fools of themselves only to be saved by local fishermen turned rescuers. That night, looking for some action (like how stupid are they?) in this very small town, they happen upon the weekly concert held by 10 fishermen. These 10 fishermen sing sea

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“Coming 2 America” Movie Review

Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) will soon be King of Zamunda. He and Lisa (Shari Headley) have been married for 30 years and they have three daughters: Meeka (KiKi Layne), Omma (Bella Murphy), and Tinashe (Akiley Love). Unfortunately, as per Zamunda law, the heir apparent to Akeem has to be male! So, because he and Lisa have three daughters, there is

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“Soul” Movie Review

Joe (Jamie Foxx) is a middle school music teacher with dreams of becoming a full-time jazz musician. He is, after all, a very good musician….just not spectacular. One day, an old student of his who is now a musician, Curley (Questlove), hooks Joe up with a famous jazz saxophonist, Dorothea (Angela Bassett), and lo-and-behold, Joe nails the interview with a

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“Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” Movie Review

Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitaker) was the world’s most prolific inventor. He could see the formulas in the air and had a notebook full of great inventions just waiting for him to have time to get to them. Unfortunately, Jeronicus’s apprentice, Gustafson (Keegan-Michael Key) was not as talented. After Jeronicus’s latest invention, an arrogant greedy puppet, Don Juan Diego (Ricky Martin),

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“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Official Trailer

Arriving on Netflix in December 2020, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is Chadwick Boseman’s last movie. 😦 It looks interesting especially for those who love the blues and Chadwick. Drive Safe! Never Forget. ONE day to election day! #Vote like your life depends on it, and it might, with the orange idiot hell-bent on taking away YOUR healthcare. Enjoy these movies

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