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Category: Colleges

“College Thus Far :-)” by Caitlin Dong

Note:  Caitlin Dong was the first recipient of the Carol Phan College Scholarship.  She is now attending U.C. Berkeley.  Thank you, Caitlin, for this update and the kind words at […]

University of the Pacific Cardboard Regatta 2011

Fun video from Pacific….enjoy watching how engineering students design then test their cardboard boats. Why UOP?  My daughter Kristen (Soph) and lifelong friend Alison (Frosh) go there!  🙂 – – […]

California College’s Salary Potential

Lori showed me this link on the University of the Pacific web site. In there, UOP (Pacific) states that has ranked Pacific graduates as #5 in salary potential among […]

Cal Poly Campus Tour

Cal Poly was nice, the campus is functional, not nearly as beautiful as UOP, but, the area rocks with beaches, San Luis Obispo and sooo much more nearby. Here are […]