“High School vs College and Home vs Dorm” by Caitlin Dong

Here is a BRAND NEW blog entry from Caitlin Dong, ForCarol.com’s 2011 College Scholarship  winner.

Caitlin is now attending U.C. Berkeley (….Berzerkeley….I just had to do it!).  🙂


College life is undoubtedly different from high school/home life in many ways. While college life and living on your own is exciting and fun, nothing really beats going home for a few days. Here is a list of various areas in which living at home and living in the dorms differ – they are randomly listed, depending on when I randomly thought of each one


Life at Home/In High School

Dorm/College Life

Bathroom IssuesYou sit directly on a toilet seat & go about your business with complete privacy.You scout out who’s in the bathroom, set up three layers of toilet seat covers, and the silence is continually interrupted by people coming into and out of the bathroom.
Shower TimeYou take a shower barefoot.You shower wearing shower shoes.
FOODYou can ravage the refrigerator at any hour of the day/night.You can’t fit more than a miniature ice cream carton in your freezer.
FOODYou eat real food.You eat food that looks real.
TransportationYou drive everywhere.You walk or take the bus…if you’re lucky, the bus driver won’t leave you behind.
Bathroom IssuesYou can wake up and pee at 2 in the morning.You can’t force yourself to get out of bed, grab your key, be blinded by the hallway lights, be blinded again by the bathroom lights, line the toilet seat, do your business, wash your hands, and successfully make it back to your bed without tripping over something on your way back into your room.
Personal HygieneYou can walk barefoot around the house.You don’t know what the carpet in your dorm room as been through, so you always wear socks or slippers.
Automatic LockYou can’t get locked out of your room.You have to sit in the hallway, waiting for your roommate come back and let you in.
Winter = ColdThe heater in your house comes on when the air temperature drops below a certain point.You don’t even realize you have control of the heat in your room until two weeks before the end of the semester.
Shower TimeYou can leave your clothes in your room or put them somewhere where they will stay dry in the bathroom when you decide to take a shower.You go into the shower clothed, shower, and then put your clothes on before you come out of the shower.
Bathroom IssuesYou have control of the light in the bathroom.You have the light turned off on you while you’re in the bathroom.
LaundryYou sort your laundry and then wash.You throw everything you can possibly fit into the washer/dryer because you don’t want to pay more than you have to.
PeopleYou know who you live with.At the end of the semester, you’re still trying to figure out who lives on your floor.
Shower TimeYou can adjust the water temperature of the shower.The water temperature does whatever the heck it wants.
Grubbin’You wash your dishes after eating.You don’t have to wash dishes! The moving dish rack takes them away.
Room AccommodationsYou can open your window without fear of falling out.When you open the window for some fresh air, be careful. There are no window screens.
ParentalsYou know that, if you oversleep, your parents are bound to wake you up or check on you.You’re on your own. Hopefully, you’re responsive to your alarm and don’t become a professional in turning off your alarm while sleeping.
Animal KingdomThere are scrawny squirrels that run away when you approach.Squirrels will literally walk up to you & steal your food. They are scary.

I’m sure there are many more I’m forgetting, but hopefully you got a few smiles out of these ones. Everyone is bound to have different experiences, but I would suppose that some of these college adventures are or will turn out to be somewhat similar


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