Our 2022 Scholarship Winner: Kylie Van Os

Meet Kylie Van Os, our 2022 Carol Phan Memorial College Scholarship Winner!

Welcome to our “scholarship family”, Kylie.

The pandemic is still here, so we will not be meeting face-to-face with Kylie and her parents until things are back to normal, if that ever happens.

In the meantime……

Kylie will be attending West Point in the fall majoring in Kinesiology.

Kylie submitted a poem relating sports training / effort to academics and passion.

Here is her winning poem followed by a short explanation of her submission:

Life Lessons through Sports

The grind, the grit, the sweat, the tears
Hundreds of hours invested for years

Take the shot, miss, shoot again
More lessons in the loss than in the win

Dive, jump, arch, whatever it takes
Time spent tomorrow soaking the aches

Repetition is key, discipline is a must
Can’t do it alone, requires teammates and trust

Have to take risks, don’t be afraid
In these moments, true champions are made

Your body can’t do it, seems impossible now
Hard work, set goals, crowds will be saying, “Wow!”

Nothing hurts more than the tough loss
Regroup, refocus, humility’s the boss

Team captain one day you’ll want to be
Have character, ethics and integrity

Others will look to you to inspire
Set the bar, and then raise it higher

It’s not just about what happens on the court
Star athletes are more than just their sport

Study hard, do well in school
Do the right thing, not just what’s cool

One day it all ends, and your heart will be crushed
No longer will you feel the thrill and the rush

Time to move on, you’ve got this girl
Go serve, lead and do more good in the world

Having the ability to persevere through challenges, monotony and fear is a skill I have been developing for almost 15 years through my experience in sports. I began competitive cheer when I was three. Training a minimum of five hours per week, I learned the value of teamwork, discipline and goal setting at a very young age.

As I got older, I began participating in other sports: basketball, softball and volleyball. As I entered into high school, I was committed to being a three sport athlete. Each sport challenged me and made me grow as a person, because they all go at a different pace, have a different form of pressure and require different styles of teamwork. What I really enjoyed about each, was getting coached in different styles and having to learn to adapt and connect with various coaches and teammates. This experience with sports has taught me how to be excellent at setting and achieving goals, in the midst of criticism, adversities and defeat.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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