Movie Review: “Palmer”

After spending 12 years in jail, Palmer (Justin Timberlake) has arrived back home and is staying with his grandmother, Vivian (June Squibb).

On Vivian’s property is a trailer that she rents out to Shelly (Juno Temple) and her little boy, Sam (Ryder Allen).

Shelly has an abusive boyfriend and is a drug addict and she takes off for weeks at a time leaving Vivian to watch Sam.

This time, Shelly is gone when Vivian passes away and Palmer is left watching Sam.

He attempts to put Sam with child services, but, cannot bring himself to do it knowing that Sam is not going to do well in the system since he is a boy who loves princess dolls.

Sam is queer and is bullied by school kids…..and adults.

To Palmer’s credit, he only mentions one time that “boys should not be playing with dolls”….after that he accepts, and loves, Sam the way he is and vows to protect him.

Sam’s teacher, Maggie (Alisha Wainwright), offers to help Palmer whenever he needs help, and the two…..well, become a bit more than friends.


But, Palmer’s past keeps…….

Oh, to find out what happens, you can watch this movie on Apple TV+.

“Palmer” is an excellent adult drama that shows the pain of bullying, and the stigma of being an ex-con. This movie is not for kids as there is a good bit of violence, f-words, smoking, and sex.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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