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  • “Find Me” Movie Review

    “Find Me” Movie Review

    Amelia (Sara Amini) is an accountant at a large firm. Lately, Amelia has been missing a lot of work and is becoming lax with doing her own work. She has been found to have taken money from the company and donated it to charities. She has the overwhelming desire to go out into the wilderness…

  • “The Do-Over” Movie Review

    “The Do-Over” Movie Review

    Charlie (David Spade) is at a class reunion watching his attractive wife dirty dance with her ex when old friend, Max (Adam Sandler) chats him up and, for awhile, makes him forget this miserable reunion. We learn that Charlie is stuck in a non-loving, boring, existence. He still drives his old Gremlin, is the bank…

  • “Don Jon” Movie Review

    “Don Jon” Movie Review

    – – ******This review is rated R.  You have been warned. ****** Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Jon)  wrote and directed this very unique groundbreaking movie. Gordon-Levitt is an extraordinary actor.  I think we have seen all his movies and his range is incredible.  In “Don Jon” he nails the New Yawk / New Joisey swagger and…