“Please Stand By” Movie Review

Wendy (Dakota Fanning) is a Star Trek nerd (she even speaks Klingon) working on a Star Trek script for an upcoming contest. The scripts are due at Paramount Pictures Feb 16th, but, Wendy does not have time to mail it, so she decides to take it there and deliver it in person.

There is only one problem: Wendy is living in a group home as she is suffering from autism. Although she has her days memorized, thanks to Scottie (Toni Collette), she has never gone out on her own.

After their mother died, Wendy’s sister, Audrey (Alice Eve) did the best she could to care for Wendy, but, Audrey was now married with a child, and simply could not give Wendy the attention she needed.

Audrey, Baby, Wendy

Crossing Market Street for the first time in her life, Wendy, and her dog Pete, set off to Los Angeles to deliver the script, and……

Oh, to see what happens you will have to watch it on Amazon Prime.

“Please Stand By” is a terrific, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and ultimately uplifting. The cast is amazing. By the way, “please stand by” are the safe words Scottie uses when Wendy has an anger issue.

One of the best movies we have seen during this pandemic.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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