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“The Do-Over” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers movie reviews

Watch this trailer at your own risk!

Charlie (David Spade) is at a class reunion watching his attractive wife dirty dance with her ex when old friend, Max (Adam Sandler) chats him up and, for awhile, makes him forget this miserable reunion.

the do over 2

We learn that Charlie is stuck in a non-loving, boring, existence. He still drives his old Gremlin, is the bank manager of a bank in a grocery store, and his wife’s kids treat him badly.

Max is about to change all that…..

Hanging with Max for a day on a fancy yacht, Charlie has a blast……..then the boat explodes!  WTF.

Max and Charlie are “dead”. No more miserable life. With new identities, they can both start fresh and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

So they think….

“The Do-Over” is an Adam Sandler Netflix original movie (his second of, I think, 5). As such, you watch this knowing it is an Adam Sandler movie, and, well, you either love him….or hate him. We love him!  Not for kids as there is sex, violence, and f-words galore. Only Adam Sandler can turn a threesome with Catherine Bell into something gross and disgusting. THAT’s talent!  🙂

“The Do-Over” morphing from an ordinary comedy into a thriller is interesting. Max shows skills with a weapon as the dynamic duo try to solve a mystery that has the potential to help millions.

To see what happens….you will have to watch the movie!

Rob Schneider is not in this movie. 😦

Loved the country soundtrack: Kenny, Tim, Toby, Eric, The King, and more.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget


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