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******This review is rated R.  You have been warned. ******

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Jon)  wrote and directed this very unique groundbreaking movie.

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Gordon-Levitt is an extraordinary actor.  I think we have seen all his movies and his range is incredible.  In “Don Jon” he nails the New Yawk / New Joisey swagger and speech of a real fuckin New Joisey-ite (I know ’cause I are one and used to tawk and wawk like him).

Incredible.  Uncomfortable.  Realistic.  Truthful to the extreme.

Jon is addicted to porn.  His many one night stands, with the most beautiful women, leave him unsatisfied.  He leaves the bed while they are sleeping to turn on his computer and masturbate to the perfect women of porn.   They do everything, unlike real life.  And he loves it.  On Sunday he goes to church and confesses his sins.  20 hail Mary’s later, he continues his debauchery.

Then he meets Barbara.  She makes him wait for sex until she meets his family, but, he hangs in there hoping for you know what (for over a month).  But….once they do it….he is unsatisfied (too bad for him) and he gets up and pounds out another porn session.  But this time, he gets caught!  Bye bye Scarlett…

Jon then meets an older woman who teaches the little boy a lot about love, sex, and porn.

“Don Jon” is not for kids, nor it is a chick flick that you go to with a date.  Go with someone you don’t mind being uncomfortable with (unless of course you have been married for 30 years)   If someone brings a younger kid…kindly kick them out, since they are not worthy parents.  “Don Jon” is raunchy and gritty to the extreme.  And Tony Danza, for an old guy my age, looks terrific and shows his acting skills as well.

Go see it if only to see the future of movie making.  Unafraid and truthful, with a beat.   Joseph Gordon-Levitt NAILS it….multiple times.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this in the Tracy, CA CineMark Theater.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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