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Teenagers tired of stupid parents

Funny Facebook Posts

OK, my circle of friends on Facebook definitely needs re-evaluation.  Just kidding…. 🙂 The last few days, I have seen more funny pictures, photos, etc than ever before.  In an effort to do my civic duty here is a funny Facebook post compilation from the last few days. […]

Giving From The Heart 2010

Volunteered as to take pictures at the annual “Giving From the Heart” Christmas at the Great Plate in Tracy, CA. Kids and parents (and volunteers) had a great time!  The pictures (and video) say it all.  (click on the picture to make it bigger). Santa Arrived!

Brighter Christmas

Every year the folks at Brighter Christmas raise money to help those in need have a….hmmm, Brighter Christmas,  by putting people in jail! This year supporter, Larry Hite, was put in jail…. so I went over to try to bail him out. It did not seem to […]