Category: Charity

  • Classroom Supply Shopping SPREE

    Teachers Joan Juarez (with her kids!) and Tori Klug from North Elementary School in Tracy, CA went with me on a shopping SPREE yesterday to Staples in Tracy for school supplies. Great fun! had gotten an extra $60.00 in donations and Tori and Joan jumped at the chance to get $30 each in supplies.…

  • Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Card for Fundraising

    Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Card for Fundraising

        NEW: SHARES is now part of eScrip If you shop at Save Mart, help us help YOUR kids afford college! Go to the eScrip page for Save Mart and sign up (I gave them my cell phone number). Super simple! When you shop at Save Mart, Food MAXX, or Lucky stores just give…

  • Google Grants

    As soon as (if, might be a better word), Inc.  gets the 501c3 Federal non-profit status.  You can bet Google Grants will be getting an application.  🙂 Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Darius Rucker Music From The Heart

    This brings tears to my eyes…enjoy.   Drive Safe!  Never Forget.  

  • Giving From The Heart 2010

    Volunteered as to take pictures at the annual “Giving From the Heart” Christmas at the Great Plate in Tracy, CA. Kids and parents (and volunteers) had a great time!  The pictures (and video) say it all.  (click on the picture to make it bigger). Santa Arrived!

  • Brighter Christmas

    Every year the folks at Brighter Christmas raise money to help those in need have a….hmmm, Brighter Christmas,  by putting people in jail! This year supporter, Larry Hite, was put in jail…. so I went over to try to bail him out. It did not seem to work….he was still in there asking (begging!)…