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  • Inyoung Hong Our 2014 College Scholarship Winner

    Inyoung Hong Our 2014 College Scholarship Winner

    Computer Program Inyoung submitted a link to a computer program she wrote explaining her passion (link updated by Inyoung April 27, 2022): Note: This is FABULOUS!!!!! Essay Two days before my 18th birthday, at 1 AM on a Monday morning, one of my best friends told me that she was going to die. An…

  • Three Years Ago Today We Lost Carol

    On Sept 18, 2010 Tracy, CA lost four wonderful teenagers in an automobile accident on Schulte Road. One of those teens was our lovely, intelligent, “part-time daughter” and friend, Carol Phan. I went to the site earlier and took some pictures.  Not that it did me any good….but, I did. We love you Carol.  We…

  • Pizza Party

    Pizza Party

    Here is the first picture…more to follow.  Our AMAZING group of booth volunteers had a GREAT time relaxing, eating, and drinking!

  • The Fireworks Booth in Pictures

    The Fireworks Booth in Pictures

    We had a tremendous team of people helping in the fireworks booth.  With temperatures over 100 degrees the whole 7 days, we fought thru the pain, worked hard, and had tons of fun.  Thank you all!  🙂 Click on the pic to see it BIGGER. —                      Drive Safe!…

  • Visit the Fireworks Booth

    Visit the Fireworks Booth

    Visit our booth for your fireworks this year!  All proceeds go to college scholarships for Tracy High IB / Ag Science scholars.  Tracy, CA We are at the old Save Mart on N. Tracy Blvd near Carl’s Jr.   The booth is UP!

  • Phantom Fireworks Demo Videos

    Phantom Fireworks Demo Videos

    As you know, will have a Fireworks Booth this year on N. Tracy Blvd. at the Old Save Mart near Carl’s Jr. All the Phantom Fireworks organizations had a really cool meeting last night capped by an awesome fireworks demo…nerd that I am….I took videos!  🙂 Here are some of those videos  (More are…

  • Graduating High School by Kyleigh McPhillips

    Graduating High School by Kyleigh McPhillips

    I graduate high school in less than two weeks. This is no new prospect to me. My peers have scribbled countdowns onto every whiteboard, student planner, and corners of assignments that they can get their hands on. Even the teachers have acknowledged that their students are not always mentally there. I’ve crossed off each passing…

  • Kyleigh McPhillips

    Kyleigh McPhillips

    Click here for more information on Kyleigh and the rest of the scholarship recipients.

  • Give a Mug for Christmas

    Give a Mug for Christmas

    A PERFECT  CHRISTMAS gift for someone you love.  Drive Safe!  Never Forget.   All money will go toward college scholarships for Tracy, CA scholars and for Classroom Supplies for Tracy, CA teachers.  MUGS arrive Dec 7, so I will deliver the next week!  I only have 9 8 left! Click to order on-line. — — —…