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  • 2023 Oscar Nominations

    2023 Oscar Nominations

    The Oscar nominations are in! Check back here when the winners are announced on March 12, 2023. Go to IMDb to see all the nominations. Winner Best Picture (Movies Linked to IMDb) All Quiet on the Western Front Avatar: The Way of Water Elvis (My Movie Review) Everything Everywhere All at Once The Banshees of…

  • 2022 Oscar Nominations

    2022 Oscar Nominations

    The Winners have been announced! Click to see.

  • 2021 Oscar Nominations & Winners

    2021 Oscar Nominations & Winners

    Here are the Oscar Nominations for 2021. When the winners are selected April 25, 2021 on ABC, I’ll put the winners in purple. 🙂 Where are: Anya Taylor-Joy and Rosamund Pike….WTF. 😦 I grabbed this list from CNN. Go here to see the full list. Links go to IMDb for more information. Winners in purple.…

  • 2020 Oscar Nominations

    2020 Oscar Nominations

    The Academy Awards announced the 2020 Oscar nominations this morning (Jan 13, 2020). I have only included a few categories here…..go to IMDb for the complete list. The winners are in gold. 🙂 Best Picture (Links to IMDb) 1917 JoJo Rabbit Little Women Ford v Ferrari Joker Marriage Story Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…

  • 2018 Oscar Nominations

    2018 Oscar Nominations

    The 2018 Oscar nominations were announced this morning.  Go to Variety to see the full list. After the awards on March 4th, I will add the winners here soooooo bookmark this page and come back on March 5th.  🙂 Oddly, we have not seen any of the nominated movies, but, we will definitely watch Sacramento-based “Lady…

  • 2017 Oscar Nominations

    2017 Oscar Nominations

    Here is a partial list of the 2017 Oscar Nominations. For the complete list, go here. I will post the winners after the Oscars (on TV this Sunday). UPDATE:  Yuge, bigly, gaffe announcing the Best Picture winner sets Twitter a-flutter. Best Picture (Links to IMDb) “Arrival” “Fences” “Hacksaw Ridge” “Hell or High Water” “Hidden Figures”…

  • 2016 Oscar Nominations

    2016 Oscar Nominations

    Here is a partial list of the 2016 Oscar Nominations. For the complete list go here. Interestingly, we have not seen any of these…yet. Correction, we saw “Inside Out”. UPDATE: The controversy filled 2016 Oscars are now over. The winners are tagged below!  Chris Rock did a good job handling the controversy  (if a bit…