Category: Photography

  • Our Yellow Labrador: Blaze’s First Year

    Our Yellow Labrador: Blaze’s First Year

    We took a picture of Blaze every week for the first year of his life.  Check out the video! — — Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Costa Rica Photographs

    Someday, we will visit Costa Rica. Until then, these pictures will have to do. Visit this National Geographic page for more beautiful photographs of Costa Rica. Enjoy. Costa Rica.  Beautiful country.  🙂 — Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Carmel By The Sea, Carmel, CA

    Carmel By The Sea, Carmel, CA

    This past weekend we took a day trip to Carmel, CA.  One of our favorite places on earth, we decided to go with our 12 year old Lab, Sunny, hoping he would enjoy the day before getting too old! We think he enjoyed it!  There were hundreds of dogs in Carmel that day, most of…

  • Lytro Light Field Camera: A Photography Revolution

    I spotted this last week and thought it was simply AWESOME. How many times have you fiddled with camera focus (or waited for the automatic focus to get it right) before taking a picture? This new technology, from Lytro, promises to change the way we take photographs.  The person (Ren Ng) who invented this did…

  • Cat and Dolphin Friends

    Carol’s mom sent me this via email last night.  This is cute, but,  I bet the cat is secretly trying to figure out how to eat the dolphin.  🙂 Drive Safe!  Never Forget.