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  • “Thunder Force” Movie Review

    “Thunder Force” Movie Review

    When Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) was in middle school, she lost her parents during an attack by the evil super-powered miscreants. Emily knew her parents (both Ph.D. geneticists) were close to developing a serum to help good people gain super-powers, to balance out the miscreants. Emily made it her mission in life to continue their…

  • Movie Review: “Coming 2 America”

    Movie Review: “Coming 2 America”

    Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) will soon be King of Zamunda. He and Lisa (Shari Headley) have been married for 30 years and they have three daughters: Meeka (KiKi Layne), Omma (Bella Murphy), and Tinashe (Akiley Love). Unfortunately, as per Zamunda law, the heir apparent to Akeem has to be male! So, because he and Lisa…

  • “Coming to America” Movie Review

    “Coming to America” Movie Review

    Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) of Zamunda is celebrating his 21st birthday. The Prince has been spoiled his entire life. He walks on rose petals, he does not wipe himself in the bathroom, he is bathed by beautiful-naked-women, and he does not even tie his own shoes as his father, the King (James Earl Jones), says….tying…

  • “Don’t Read This On A Plane” Movie Review

    “Don’t Read This On A Plane” Movie Review

    Jovana Fey (Sophie Desmarais) has just had her third novel published and is now in Venice to start her book tour. When a call comes in from her publisher he tells her: “Oh, sorry, I just went bankrupt and your hotels, and living expenses for the tour, have been cancelled.” BUT…on the bright side….he tells…

  • “Spinster” Movie Review

    “Spinster” Movie Review

    Gaby (Chelsea Peretti) is turning 39 today…..and she has just been dumped by her boyfriend who was so anxious to get away, that he left HIS apartment to her! Yikes! Not really in the mood to celebrate her birthday, Gaby heads off to her best friend Amanda’s (Susan Kent) house where they briefly celebrate, and…

  • “Friendsgiving” Movie Review

    “Friendsgiving” Movie Review

    Molly (Malin Akerman) and Abby (Kat Dennings) have been friends their whole lives. This year, at Thanksgiving, Molly has recently gone thru a divorce, has a 5 month old baby, and one weird-ass boyfriend. Abby has also broken up with her girlfriend and, hmmm, that’s about it for Abby. Planning a nice Thanksgiving dinner for…

  • “Bliss” Official Trailer

    “Bliss” Official Trailer

    Streaming now on Amazon Prime, “Bliss” looks like a quirky sci-fi mind-control movie where Owen Wilson is taken to an alternate universe, in his mind, by scientist Salma Hayek. Looks…..hmmmm, weird. 🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget. More recent movie reviews and trailers…..

  • “Class Rank” Movie Review

    “Class Rank” Movie Review

    Veronica Krause (Olivia Holt) is working hard in high school. She is getting great grades and volunteering for everything all in the hopes of being accepted into Yale. Her ultimate goal is to, eventually, be nominated to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Veronica’s high aspirations are shot down when she finds out that she was only…

  • “Freaky” Official Trailer

    “Freaky” Official Trailer

    Now in theaters, assuming the theater near you is open, “Freaky” looks freaky. A high school girl and a deranged killer (Vince Vaughn) swap bodies and apparently go on a killing spree. A nice pure family movie for your quarantine pleasure. 😉 Drive Safe! Never Forget. More movies and stuff to watch while we wait…