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Costa Rica Photographs

Manuel Antonio National Park

Someday, we will visit Costa Rica. Until then, these pictures will have to do. Visit this National Geographic page for more beautiful photographs of Costa Rica. Enjoy. Costa Rica.  Beautiful country.  🙂 — Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Advertisements

Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong Caves by Drone: Video

hang son doong cave

Vietnam has an amazing complex of caves that were captured using a drone. Go to the National Geographic article to learn more about the creator of this video and the Hang Son Doong Caves.  Here is an excerpt: The biggest cavern in Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave is so vast that it could accommodate a Boeing…

“Visiting China” by Thomas Alexander

Tom and Daughter

On this blog post I will copy my lifelong (he is three months older than I) friend’s recent trip to China with his daughter, Marty.  I thought it was FASCINATING and wanted to preserve the experience FOREVER instead of it just being on Facebook (which we all know, goes away very quickly and you can’t…

Interesting New Zealand Facts

new zealand

I saw a link to this page on a friends Facebook.  I am taking the liberty of copying it here (hope they do not mind). Go here to see the original page. — 69 Facts About New Zealand That’ll Blow Your Mind 16 April 2014 / 17 Comments 1. The kea, a bird native to NZ, is…

Top Ten Treks

routeburn track new zealand

I spotted this article while flipping thru Flipboard one evening.  I can honestly say that I have never set foot on one of these trails, but, I would love to put on my hiking boots and tackle at least one of these some day. My brother and I planned on walking the Appalachian Trail together,…

Low Flying Aircraft: Photos

maho beach 4

Maho Beach on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean offers a very unique experience for beach goers.  Here are a few photographs I grabbed from this web site.  Go there to see more.  Enjoy.   Princess Juliana International Airport   – Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

National Geographic Photographs: Hawaii


(Lanai) No more beautiful place on earth…Hawaii.  We went to Kauai twice as Kristen was growing up.  Heaven on earth…. Go to the Nat Geo web site to see all the pictures. Here are a few…  🙂 Click to enlarge – (Kauai) (Maui) (Kauai) (The Big Island) (The Big Island) (Leis) (Turtle) (Coconut Grove, Kauai,…