Drive Safe!


Unfortunately, Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby ended up in the water.

A very small, not very deep, canal.  For whatever reason, we hope the CHP will tell us what they think happened when they issue their final report, they could not get out of the car.

There is a tool that my neighbor showed me, that I will buy three of soon, that could save your life should you find yourself… your car… water.  This tool has a knife that allows you to cut your seatbelt if it gets jammed, and a sharp pointy metal piece that cracks the windows easy as pie.  Jay (my neighbor) keeps his LifeHammer in the center console.

Jays Shelby

I’ll spend some time next week seeing if this is available in Tracy, CA stores, but, for now you can see how it works with the video below.  Very impressive.

NBC Morning Today Show

The MythBusters did an episode on escaping from a sinking car.  They confirmed some myths and busted some myths.  Go HERE to see the list of things that worked, and those that did not.  A LifeHammer like device was confirmed as working!

Here is a YouTube video of part of the MythBusters episode.  The humor grates me the wrong way, but, maybe because I am super sensitive right now.  It is good information though…

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