“love & other drugs” Movie Review

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway have major chemistry in this love story based in 1996 (so the technology shown is interestingly dated).

Jake is a med school dropout with a great personality for selling….and attracting women (and having sex with them anywhere, anytime….geeez, they even page him).  After losing his job at an electronics store (for having sex in the storage room) he picks up a job with Pfizer selling Zoloft.  It takes him a bit of time, but, he gets in the groove.

Anne Hathaway has Parkinson’s, and is into casual sex.  She and Jake go at it on a regular basis, but, something weird happens.  They fall in love.  The problem is that Anne will only get sicker and sicker, and she does not want to burden Jake.

Along the way, Anne mentions this new sex drug by Pfizer (Viagra) and Jake manages to sell that with amazing results.

What happens?  RENT IT to find out!  Awesome movie.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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