“X Men” Movie Review

“X Men” Movie Review

We decided to go back and watch the X-Men series, starting with the first one in 2000 (on VUDU).  We may be among the very few who had not seen it yet…

Humans are evolving.  The “mutants” are ostracized because they are different (how familiar is that?).  Two powerful mutants have taken different paths to change the general perceptions. One good (Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier), and one bad (Ian McKellen as Magneto).

The clash between these two tactics, and mutants, are the basis of “X-Men”.

Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) and Anna Paquin (as Rogue) are superb.

Terrific movie.  We are looking forward the watching the sequels.

As Jean Luc Picard would say:  Engage!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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