“Bad Teacher” Movie Review

“Bad Teacher” Movie Review

 (Cameron Diaz, Cameron Diaz, Cameron Diaz)

“Bad Teacher” is a better movie than the trailer suggests.

Cameron Diaz (as Elizabeth Halsey) is shallow.  The only men who interest her are rich, and she thinks that increasing the size of her boobs will help her attract those men.

As the movie opens, she is leaving her teaching job to marry a very rich man. Arriving home she makes an offer I can only dream of from Diaz, but, quickly finds out that the marriage is off.

Back to teaching, but, with a terrible attitude.

She meets clueless substitute  Justin Timberlake (as Scott Delacorte) who’s family is rich and Diaz does her best to hook up with him.  But, he has the hots for another teacher, Lucy Punch (as Amy Squirrel).  Go figure.

As the movie progresses, Diaz learns about herself, and….well, go see it if you want to know what happens.

Good movie.

Cameron Diaz is worth the price of admission.  Timberlake is excellent as the clueless substitute (I mean who could possibly ignore a flirtatious Diaz?), and Jason Segel (as Russell Gettis) is great.

Not for kids, even though some clueless parents had kids with them.  One long boob scene and appropriate (to the intent of the R-rated movie) f-words and sexual references.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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