“Abduction” Movie Review

(good action, interesting plot, hokey dialogue)

“OMG THAT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE!”  yelled a teenage girl as she was leaving CineMark  Theater #14 in Tracy, CA.

Taylor Lautner

For sure, the teen and pre-teen girls in the movie LOVED “Abduction”.  You could tell when they SCREAMED as soon as Taylor Lautner (as Nathan Price) made his first screen appearance, took off his shirt (which happened gratuitously), kissed the girl (Lily Collins, with those Kathy Ireland (*sigh*) eyebrows, as Karen), held her hand (at sappy inappropriate times), played beer pong, or engaged in stupid teenage acts like riding on the hood of a speeding car, underage drinking, and riding his motorcycle without a helmet (I assume so the girls could see his “beautiful” face).

His “Dad” kicked his butt after the drinking binge, but, you knew all along he was training Lautner for the time when he may have to defend himself from evil forces.  That time came about 30 to 45 minutes into the movie.  Unfortunately, that excellent action sequence was also start of the most inane dialogue I have experienced in a movie in, well, forever.

The plot is intriguing, the action is great (if predictable or inaccurate, hey Mitch Rapp would never sit in front of a window for a leisurely cup of coffee if someone was after him).  If only the actors would not talk ……the movie would have been a terrific thriller (the reason I went is because I write book reviews on Thrillers and Mysteries and I love a good thriller).

OK for kids, obviously ok for pre-teen and teen girls who will LOVE this movie.  No f-words that I remember (but they may have been masked by the screaming).

Truthfully…the girls made watching this movie really fun.  🙂

Oh yeah…..Teens:  DON”T act stupid like he did in the movie…YOU can die.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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