“Midnight in Paris” Movie Review


After multiple viewings

 (WOW!!!!  I LOVE this movie!!!!)

Owen Wilson (as Gil) is a wannabe novelist making a great living as a “hack” Hollywood script writer.  He and his fiancee, Rachel McAdams as Inez, are visiting Paris with her parents.

Gil wants to live in Paris when they get married, Inez wants to move to Malibu. Gil loves Paris when it rains, Inez hates the rain.  Gil wants to walk, Inez hails a taxi.  Gil wants to be alone and enjoy each other, Inez has the hots for a snooty know-it-all ex-boyfriend.  Gil thinks the 1920’s in Paris is the time he should have lived in…the romantic past filled with greatness that the present just cannot offer.  Inez thinks he is stupid.

A marriage made in heaven.

One night, Inez insists on going dancing and partying with her ex and Gil begs out preferring to walk back to the hotel.  He gets lost and sits on a stoop just enjoying the peace and quite….and Paris.  At midnight a bell rings and an old 1920’s vintage taxi rolls up.  The people inside invite Gil to join them for fun, drinking, and a chance to meet new people.  Gil joins them and meets, much to his surprise, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and best of all, Ernest Hemingway.

Is this a dream?  Does Gil find true love?  Does he finish his novel? Well you will have to rent “Midnight in Paris” to find out.

“Midnight in Paris” is a terrific movie fine for the whole family. No f-words or cursing, but, I do not think the kids would enjoy it as there is no action and the story is adult oriented (love, marriage, is love really love?, the meaning of life, our fear of death, and how the past always seems more appealing than the present).

Owen Wilson is superb, as are Rachel McAdams and the *spectacular* Marion Cotillard as Adrianna (Pablo Picasso’s current lover).

Go to IMDb for more info.  We watched this on VUDU.

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