“The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” Movie Review and Trailer

Ajatashatru Lavash Patel (Dhanush) found out when he was very young that he was poor. At that moment, he decided he did not like being poor and vowed to be rich.

Many years later, Ajat is a magician, and thief, performing on the streets of Mumbai when he finally decides to live his mothers dream: To travel to Paris to meet is real father.

With a fake passport, a fake 100 Rupee bill, and his mothers ashes, Ajat lands in Paris only to find that he is the “rich tourist” victim…..a nice change, which he promptly turns around in fair play.

Ajat, Marie

One day, he visits a furniture store, meets a beautiful woman, Marie (Erin Moriarity), falls madly in love, then……

All kinds of weird shit happens to poor, kindly, Ajat……

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“The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” is exactly that….an unbelievable, roller coaster journey that takes the viewer on the same wild trip that Ajat is experiencing. A truly heartwarming, fantastic, movie.

Oh, yeah, Ajat finds that happiness is not in being rich, but, being kind…. (something a certain orange idiot needs to learn).

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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