STEM / STEAM: WordPress Gutenberg Plug-in Eliminates Whitespace in the Left Margin

UPDATE 12/22/2021: Gutenberg was updated to version 12.2.0 today. It STILL does NOT work correctly. Meaning….there is still ZERO whitespace in the left margin!

WordPress….can you hear me? 😉

For the last month, or two, I noticed that the whitespace in the left margin as I wrote these blogs was….well……MISSING….making it nearly impossible to see the cursor when starting a new paragraph or, for that matter, in the title.

Very irritating.

More recently, Drop Cap also disappeared, and I use Drop Cap quite often.

But it was the lack of whitespace in the left margin that was driving me “crazy”…..crazy enough to look at options to head back to (but, oddly, they are having their own problems that are even worse!). Terrible theme selection, awful widget blocks, and now, a limit of 100 categories!

The day before yesterday, I put on my engineering hat and thought about how to fix, or at least identify, the left margin whitespace problem.

I decided that the easiest thing to TRY….from my perspective….was to DISABLE the Gutenberg Plug-in and give writing a new blog a try!

Whooohooo! The left margin whitepace returned (I can now see the cursor) and I still have the tried-and-true BLOCK editing that I love….AND…..

Drop Cap came back!

The Gutenberg Plug-in will stay turned off except for an occasional test to see if they fixed their issues. 🙂

Geek on!

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