Movie Review: “I Want You Back”

Peter (Charlie Day) and Anne (Gina Rodriguez) have been together for 6 years. Peter is blissfully happy, then Anne tells him she wants to break up with him!


Noah (Scott Eastwood) and Emma (Jenny Slate) have been together for 18 months. Emma is blissfully happy, then Noah tells her he wants to break up with her!


Anne has found another love……another middle school teacher like her, while Noah has found his true love……the owner of a pie shop down the street.

Emma and Peter start hanging out together then come up with an idea…..

Emma, Peter

Let’s break up the new couples and get them back!

Hilarity follows!

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

“I Want You Back” is a funny movie about love gone wrong and, maybe, just maybe, finding new love. Jenny Slate and Charlie Day SHINE! They are soooooo funny, my ribs were cracking (I’m writing this, with cracked ribs, from the hospital…..just kidding……haha)

Go to IMDb for more information.

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