Movie Review: “Death on the Nile”

World War I, 1914

We meet a young Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) saving lives in battle only to wind up injured (thus the mustache in later life). We also meet the love of his life.


At a nightclub while Poirot is enjoying the live music and a drink, he observes Jacqueline de Bellefort (Emma Mackay) introducing her fiance, Simon Doyle (Armie Hammer), to uber-rich heiress, and Jacqueline’s lifelong friend, Linnet Ridgeway (Gal Godot).

Jacqueline had asked Linnet if she had a job opening for her fiance, and, sure enough, Linnet hired Doyle on the spot.

But, the result of this meeting did not go as Jacqueline planned when Linnet and Doyle fell madly in love and, just six weeks later, they marry.

Hercule Poirot on vacation

While the newlyweds are vacationing on a boat tour of Egypt’s Nile River (that Poirot is also on)….

Multiple people are murdered……starting with……

Oh, to see what happens, you can purchase this movie on VUDU or your favorite streamer for $19.99.

“Death on the Nile” is a fun adaption of an Agatha Christie novel. There is plenty of action and intrigue, and…..the scenery in Egypt is stunning.

Interestingly, even though there are a zillion suspects……Lori figured out the ending (exactly!!!) BEFORE the first person died! Remind me not to do anything wrong. 😉

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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